SEBBL Manager Coaching Staff update 2

Coaching staff are now available to hire for both teams in the match report, inducement tryouts and also have their own stats page.
Let me know in the forums if you spot any issues, images and a clear step by step to reproduce will help if there are issues!

SEBBL Manager Coaching Staff update

SEBBL Manager has been updated to move all coaching staff/wizards to a separate table.
They cannot be currently used in the interface however changes will be made to allow the inducements as part of "Inducements Tryout", "Match Report", "Coaching Staff Stats" and other relevant sections.

SEBBL Manager SM 3 update

SEBBL Manager has been updated with Spike Magazine Issue 3 rules.

  • Nurgle Player Types updated
  • Nurgle Star Players added/updated
    • Bulla Shardhorn Added
    • Tolly Glocklinger Added
  • Coaching Staff Added
    • Plague Doctors Added
    • Cavorting Nurglings Added
  • Wizards/Sorcerers Added
    • Horticulturalist of Nurgle Added

SEBBL Manager SM2 Update

SEBBL Manager has been updated with Spike Magazine Issue 2 rules.

  • Dark Elf Star Players added/updated
    • Asperon Thorn Added
    • Elijah Doom Added
    • Kiroth Krakeneye Added
    • Mordrix Hex Added
    • Roxanna Darknail Added
    • Jeremiah Kool (Golden Era) Added
  • Specialist Assistant Coaches inducement added
  • Temp Agency Cheerleaders inducement added
  • Weather Mage inducement added
  • Wizards/Sorcerers Added
    • Druchii Sports Sorceress Added

SEBBL Manager SM1 Update

SEBBL Manager has been updated with Spike Magazine Issue 1 rules.

  • Chaos Chosen naming updated
  • Choas Chosen Star Players added/updated
    • Lewdgrip Whiparm Updated
    • Bilerot Vomitflesh Added
    • Withergrasp Doubledrool Added
    • Scyla Anfingrimm Added
    • Gobbler Grimlich Added
    • Guffle Pusmaw Added
  • Wizards/Sorcerers Added
    • Chaos Sorcerer Added
    • Hireling Sports-Wizard Added

SEBBL Manager DZ1&2 Update

SEBBL Manager has been updated with Death Zone 1 & 2 rules.

  • Elven Union naming updated
  • Chaos Renegade naming updated
  • Chaos Renegade units: Orc Renegade Added
  • Goblin units: Doom Diver and Ooligan Added
  • Star Players added/updated
    • Bo Gallanté Added
    • Glart Smashrip Added
    • Karla Von Kill Added
    • Kreek Rustgouger Added
    • Madcap Miggz Added
    • Lucien & Valen Added
  • Coaching Staff Added
    • Horatio X. Schottenheim Added
    • Kari Coldsteel Added
    • Fink Da Fixer Added
    • Papa Skullbones Added
    • Galandril Silverwater Added
    • Krot Shockwhisker Added

In-Famous Coaches

In-Famous Coaches, from Death Zone Season Two, have now been added as "Star Players" on the SEBBL Manager.


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