SEBBL Manager has been updated with Death Zone 1 & 2 rules.

  • Elven Union naming updated
  • Chaos Renegade naming updated
  • Chaos Renegade units: Orc Renegade Added
  • Goblin units: Doom Diver and Ooligan Added
  • Star Players added/updated
    • Bo Gallanté Added
    • Glart Smashrip Added
    • Karla Von Kill Added
    • Kreek Rustgouger Added
    • Madcap Miggz Added
    • Lucien & Valen Added
  • Coaching Staff Added
    • Horatio X. Schottenheim Added
    • Kari Coldsteel Added
    • Fink Da Fixer Added
    • Papa Skullbones Added
    • Galandril Silverwater Added
    • Krot Shockwhisker Added

Club Info

Snake Eyes Gaming Club is a table top gaming club that meets in the heart of Chiswick.

Timings: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6.30pm