Club Rules


2017 - Present

Snake Eyes Gaming Club

The Snake Eyes Blood Bowl League is lucking enough to have it's own stadium (sort-of) located at The Chiswick Memorial Club.

Formed in 2017, the club meets in the heart of Chiswick nearly every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6:30pm onwards.

Table space can be easily booked via the Facebook group.

Membership is not required to game, however if you wish to make use of bar facilities you must be a card-holding member.

The club is 18+ as adult supervision is not provided or readily avalible.

  • Membership:

    • £20 per annum.
  • Weekend subs, that cover access to the club over three consecutive days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    • £2 for members.
    • £4 for non members.

Proceeds go back into the club facilities that have contributed to a well stocked game-board and terrain cupboard.

League Rules




Now in it's fourth year, the third Snake Eyes Blood Bowl, nearly annual, League will be using the new season two + Death Zone rulest for the 2021 league.

This full rules are currently under review so please check back closer to the sart for the completed version.

Any comments or suggested modifications to the rules can be made in the Forums where they will be considered by the League Admins. The League Admins decision will be final, however considerable bribes are likely to be accepted.


Coming at some point!

League Rule Archive




A modified ruleset based on the current global pandemic.

Team Setup & General Rules

  • Stay Inside
  • Trust Nobody
  • The World Is Ending
  • Maybe Not?!



In it's second year the SEBBL developed the following rule set to use in the 2019 League.

Team Setup & General Rules

  • Starting Treasury : 1,000,000

    The spiraling expenses rules in death zone season 1 will be used if a coach has a treasury over 200,000 gold after the hire and fire stage of your first game and every game thereafter.

  • Re-rolls will double in price after the league starts

    This will take affect as soon as you start your first game.

  • Free fan factor of 3 : Counts towards team value.

  • Team names are mandatory and player names are recommended, the funnier the better (but keep it PG13…)

    If you are registering and there are at least 2 other teams already using same raceand if you have the option, please consider useing a different race. We love diversity

  • To register for the League, please:

    If you need help getting set up contact a League Commissioner (Dean or Alex).

  • No rostered Star Players

    Star players can however be purchased as single match inducements throughout the league, all star players included in current edition GW publications (death zone 1&2, spike magazine and the almanac). If both coaches choose the same star player, neither gets to use them and any petty cash they spent goes back in to their treasury, inducement money is wasted.

  • All inducements included in Death Zone season 1 & 2 are allowed.

    You may use the rules for hiring mercenaries in Death Zone season 1.

  • There are no painting requirements.

    We ask is that you use actual models (conversions and 3rd party models 100% allowed so long as they are WYSIWYG)

    No cardboard cutouts or tokens (We do have some standards!)

  • All players must be numbered, either on their base or somewhere visible on the model.

  • Players must bring their own dice and all the models they need to games.

    If one coach is unable to provide a board, there will be a core rulebook, templates, dugouts and mat/board at Snake Eyes Gaming Club. (To Be Confirmed.)

  • Please respect the club and it's gear, make sure any mess is cleared up and anyhting used is put away safely once you are finished.

  • It is your responsibility as a coach to learn your team's rules.

    It is your responsibility as a legendary coach to learn eveyone elses.

    Have a look at the forums for any help or clarifications.

  • Any in game disputes should be put to a dice roll/coin flip to save time, we don't want any table flipping!

    We also want a clear set of rules to play by, please open a discussion in the forum if clarification on any rule is required.

    We are planning an FAQ section for those rules that require clarification


  • Piling On:

    Piling On will be played to the DZ2 rule specification under the current rule set.

    • The player may use the skill after they have made a block as part of a Block or Blitz Action, but only if they are standing adjacent to the victim and the victim was Knocked Down.
    • You can then use a team re-roll (Loner applies) to re-roll the Armour or Injury roll.
    • If a player with the Loner skill wishes to use Piling On; roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3, the team re-roll is spent, but the player remains standing and cannot re-roll the Armour or Injury roll.
    • After Piling On, the player is placed Prone in their own square and no Armour roll is made for them.
    • This does not cause a turnover unless the Piling On player is carrying the ball.
    • Piling On cannot be used with the Stab or Chainsaw skills
  • Skill bands are suggested and any skills/mutations do not need to be represented on the model (though absolutely cool if you do!).

    There will be a bag of coloured rubber bands left at the club if you need some spares.

Game Specials

  • Random Stadium

    You can opt to roll on the random stadium generator, in death zone season 2, if both coaches agree.

    Gaining residence is not permitted.

    Doing so will gain you an extra 10,000 for the additional fans attending the match.

  • Special Balls

    You can opt to use special ball rules, if both coaches agree.

    Doing so will gain you an extra 10,000 for the additional fans attending the match.

    Permitted Balls:

    • Any Team: Extra Spiky Ball
    • Orc Teams: Limpin’ Squig
    • Skaven Teams: Warpstone Brazier
    • Dwarf Teams: Master-Hewn Ball
    • Goblin Teams: Shady Special
    • Goblin Teams: Explodin' Ball
    • Goblin Teams: Snotling Ball-Suit
    • Shambling Undead: Skelatal Homunculus
    • Chaos Chosen: Daemonic Ball
    • Chaos Chosen: Orb Of Dark Majesty
    • Dark Elves: Draconic Egg
    • Dark Elves: Cold One Hide Ball
    • Elven Union: Soulstone Ball

  • Sponsorships as outlined in death zone season 2 are permitted.

Season Outline

  • Every coach must play each other coach twice throughout the season in order to complete the league.

    You will receive 3 League points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

  • The winner of the league will be the coach with the highest score once all games have been played.

    In the case of a draw, the winner will be decided first on score difference (TD's for minus TD's against). If a draw persists then it will be decided on casualties!

  • In the event a Coach/Team drops out of the league mid-season , referred to as the Dropee, the League Commissioners will confirm the course of action with regards to matches un-played against the coach.

    Typically this will involve a number of automatic match forfeits by the Dropee.

    For each forfeited match, the following will apply:

    1. Players affected by "Miss Next Game" or MNG status will not recover in time for the next match and retain the MNG status.
    2. Automatic "Win" by the opposition for each match against the Dropee.
    3. The opposition will gain 2D6 winnings for each match against the Dropee.
    4. The opposition will gain 2 x MVP or Most Valuable Player awards for each match against the Dropee.
      MVP's will be allocated as follows:
      • The opposition coach will choose three players from their roster (including players affected by "Miss Next Game" or MNG) and allocate number 1, 2 and 3.
      • The opposition will roll a D3 and award the MVP to the player.
      • The opposition coach will choose another three players from their roster that have not already been selected for the first MVP (including players affected by "Miss Next Game" or MNG) and allocate number 1, 2 and 3.
    5. The opposition will gain a number of TD's or Touchdowns for each match against the Dropee.
      The number of Touchdowns will typically be an average of the Touchdowns scored in previous matches played in by the Dropee.
      TD's will be allocated as follows:
      • For each allocated TD, roll a D16.
      • Journeymen and non-rostered numbers will cause a re-roll.
      • If the D16 result matches a rostered players number, that player will be awarded a single TD.
      • Players (including players affected by "Miss Next Game" or MNG) can be allocated more than one TD.

  • 'Friendlies’ between teams that have already played twice are allowed.

    There are two Game modes permitted for Friendlies

    Games are played using standard league rules with the following exceptions:

    • Only D3 winnings are recieved (+10k for fame and 10k to the winner.)
    • Additional winning from stadiums or balls are permitted
    • No MVP
    • Other SPP is counted
    • Injuries are treated as normal, including MNG removal

    Games are played using noraml league rules with the following exceptions:

    • No winnings
    • Additional winning from stadiums or balls are NOT permitted
    • No MVP
    • No SPP
    • No injuries or MNG removal
    • No worries

Scheduling Games

  • To organise games, please use any method of communication you need

    Always schedule the game (or ask an admin to schedule the game) on the ‘Sebbl Open’ league site at:

  • If possible, please play your games at Snake Eyes Gaming Club in Chiswick on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night.

End Game Reports and Progression

  • There are game record sheets in a clear plastic folder you can use to keep track of the game.

    A guide will be posted on how to use the sheets.

  • Once a game is complete and the games sheet has been filled out, please Photograph or Scan the result before posting it in the forum.

    An admin with then input the data into the online manager.

  • Match reports are not necessary, but very much welcome!

    If after the match you want to write up a report , please please do so and post it in the forum along with any pictures of the game.

    An admin with then input the data into the online manager and website.

  • Please post photos of games using the hashtag: #SEBloodBowlLeague




The original, some say the best, SEBBL 2018 League rules were decided very quickly.

A complete exhaustive list can be seen below.

Team Setup & General Rules

  • Starting Treasury : 1,000,000
  • Free fan factor of 5 : Counts towards team value
  • No Star Players