As both new teams took to the pitch, it was clear that Wulfgang’s Wanderers reaped the benefit of a Brilliant Coach gaining an extra re-roll on the initial kick-off. The ball landed just off center in the The Fjord Squad's half and bounced right through Ivar the Boneless' hands. Luckily Ivar was able to scoop the ball up before feinting down the left hand side of the pitch.

Wulfgang took the initiative and spotting an opening. With blistering speed he unleashed and frenzy-surfed Frank into the reserves box, much to the relief of the fraud squad's coach. With enraged retaliation Bjorn Ironside put some damage onto Razor Raymond who, in true Necromantic style, regenerated the injury.

During the pitch-wide brawl some underhand fouling was made by the Fjord squad (not that they would admit it) with coach "The Dude" convincing the ref that the play was legal. While the rest of the players on both teams got down to business, Ivar made a break for the right wing gaining some good ground before being swatted to the ground.

Luckily Bjorn's offering to the gods was heard and he grabbed the ball before legging it to the touch line for a turn 5 touchdown.

Both teams setup for the second drive under a veil of unending Banshee screams that appeared that appeared to cause the referee much discomfort. With a rare flame of anger in the dead eyes of Secret Seven, a deadly block was made denying Hrund entry to Valhalla as she moved off in the direction of Wulfgang’s Wanderers dugout leaving a trail of blood and body bits as her soul was consumed by Necromantic forces.

The second half saw both teams down to 10 players. As the kick when up the ref was no where to be seen and was replaced by a line judge. Slippery Steve, in true Ghoul style, plucked the ball up and mad a run down the left wing whilst Wulfgang and a heap of flesh made some decisive blocks on the right wing.

Wulfgang’s Wanderers slowly dragged each limb forward with, what can only be described as, apathetic yet deliberate formation. Struggling to react with dwindling numbers, the Fjord squad did what it could to stop the advance. Skellring Hrím, finally understanding where the ball was, lumbered towards Slippery Steve before stopping in an admittedly useful position blocking entry.

Wulfgang, somewhat perturbed by the yhetee's new found mobility, fluffed a block giving the remaining Norse players time to get some sort of defence in place. Slippery Steve, not fancying the double dodge long run doubled back and with a failed dodge sealed the fate of Wulfgang’s Wanderers. With their attention now turned to violence, a horde of zombies descended on the bewildered yhetee.

With all the zombies broken bones pointing in the right direction, Skellring was set upon by Secret Seven et-al, smashing to the ground with a loud thud. Now focused only on adding to their ranks, the horde then began kicking and stomping all over Skellring.

Somehow Snuffed it Steve, a former Hip Surgeon, used what muscle reflex he had left to exact irreparable damage on the Yhetee's hip. Much to the relief of the on-site physios, who were trying to figure out how to move the massive ball of fur and claws off the pitch, the end game whistle was blown.