Game Report

The Mordheim Preservation Society
The City Sickers
The Mordheim Preservation Society vs The City Sickers

Week 1 of the 2019 season started with a bang, seeing the City Sickers visit the Mordheim Preservation Society ground to kick off their title chase.

Both teams had a great showing with the Sickerss having the advantage in the stands. Despite the best efforts of the Society's goblins ground crew the pitch was totally waterlogged, something Dame Matilda Kingsley of the Society team groaned about at length in her pre game interview.

The roaring cheers of the away crowd were silenced the moment the whistle blew to start the first half as the bandage wrapped forearm of Longshanks the mummy sent Belching Bert skimming along the surface of the pitch following a textbook clothesline. That silence was quickly broken by jeers and laughter as the board of directors (front line) of the society showed their foppish inability to play Bloodbowl as a newly minted team.

After many pillow fisted attempts to force back the tide of nurgle players the undead team began to realise that titles and vast amounts of cash do not get you very far in the afterlife. In trying to keep their previous employers safe both Longshanks and Outhouse were sent to the dugout, only their undead constitution keeping them in the game. 

With somewhat affronted ease, Morbid Mutant Mike scooped the ball and trotted to the end zone for a late half score.

Half time must have seen an impassioned series of groans and gurgles from the Society coaching staff as they came out much better prepared to defend the Sickers attack. As the ball went up the undead sideline surrounded the officiating staff and dragged them off to the dungeons, giving both teams an opportunity for some blatant dirty play.

The Sickers presented a formidable attacking line with all 4 warriors propping up the line of scrimmage, progress was slow but eventually Mutant Mike managed to find a path down the sideline. The Society had their heads nailed on slightly more firmly in the second half, but it proved to not be anywhere near enough. Another score late in the second half really put the holy water on their graves.

A 2-0 loss at their first home game was maybe the best the could have hoped for, they need to do better next time around. The City Sickers truly earned their victory and Fat Sam was awarded their MVP trophy for his efforts on both sides of the ball.

Tune in next week for more Blood Bowl action!


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